Telemarketing companies and scammers have been automating their calls for years. Next-gen swindlers manipulate similar technology to send text messages, allowing them to empty bank accounts faster than ever.

It's estimated that over 300,000 robotexts are sent every minute.

Ever got one of these messages?

"Urgent. There has been suspicious activity on your bank account. You must verify your identity to prevent further unauthorized access. Click the link below and enter your online banking username, password, and one-time passcode."

Or this?

"Confirm your bank activity and WIN a $100 gift card! Click now and enter your details to claim."

How to Nullify Robotext Scams

Here's how you can nullify robotext scams:

It's estimated that over 300,000 robotexts are sent every minute.

Scam texts appear in messaging applications alongside legitimate notifications. Under the mistaken assumption that their phone number isn't widely available, robotext victims believe a known business, financial institution, or government agency sent the message. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Robocalls and robotext numbers can be spoofed so they appear to originate from a trusted source.

Once the scammer has your attention, they falsely claim that responding with sensitive details is the only way to resolve an account issue, claim a prize, or redeem a gift card.

How to Avoid a Robotext Scam

Fraudulent text messages are designed to elicit an emotional response, so you'll act quickly. Any response, including texting "STOP" gives the scammer proof that they have a live number which often leads to more scam texts. You can keep robotext scams at bay by:

  • Installing call-blocking apps you've researched online.

  • Using call-blocking services provided by wireless service providers.

  • Deleting text messages from unknown numbers that include hyperlinks.

  • Updating phone settings to silence unknown numbers so messages are sent to a junk folder.

  • Confirming fraud alerts from financial institutions by contacting them directly using the number on the website.

Win the battle against the robo-machines by refusing to engage. If you suspect a robotext scam, report it to your wireless service provider at 7726 ("SPAM").